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Youtube Channel is now live!

One of the projects I have been slowly working away at is a Youtube Channel.

You can find it here

I have a number of video series planned including introductory instructional series on Tai Chi (Lets Try Tai Chi), Wing Chun (Welcome to Wing Chun) and Xing Yi (Starting Xing Yi). But, the first one to go live is a sit down discussion series called the Kung Fu Book Review.

Find the introductory video here where I explanin what the series is and how I will go about reviewing the books, as well as why I think old school paper Kung Fu books still have a valid place in the age of the interent.

The first six reviews are also live. Which cover topics such as Wing Chun, Bagua, the life of Taoist trickster, Taiji for fighting, Xing Yi Quan and much more!!!

Please do like share and subscribe! Comments also more than welcome.

Best of luck with your practice and let me know what Kung Fu books you are reading!

Sifu Dr Mark Stevenson

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