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Mark has been involved in martial arts since he was young training in Japanese arts as a child.

He discovered Chinese martial arts at university and never looked back. He practiced and taught Wing Chun under Master Andrew Sofos. He trained in China under the tutelage of Master Li Quan. Mark also learned Yang Style Tai Chi from Master Mark Green.

See the ABOUT section of the website for Mark's full training background and martial arts C.V.

He teaches authentic Kung Fu but with detailed hands on instruction and feedback. 

Mark Stevenson
Founder & Owner

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Julian, our Digital Marketing Manager, is not just a social media savvy guy. He has a background in martial arts. His grandfather is one of the founders of the Philippines’ first and original martial arts Sikaran, which mainly involves hand and foot fighting.


As a kid, Julian started training the Filipino martial arts. During secondary school, he landed a silver finish in a provincial meet when he fought against his personal trainer in the finals who was also in the same category. 

In college, he shifted his focus to studying broadcasting and journalism. He first landed a job in the TV Industry but later found his interest and passion in doing Employee Engagement, Digital Marketing, and Events. He has been in the field for 5 years before joining Rising Phoenix Kung Fu.

Julian has always been a fitness geek until he reached 100kg during the first months of the pandemic in 2020. He has lost 15kg after the hard lockdowns and is now focused on improving his body stats by doing cardio and weight training. He believes that there is nothing he can’t achieve as long as he puts his heart in whatever he does.

Julian Pangilinan
Digital Marketing Manager

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Beren has been enthusiastically practicing martial arts since he was young. Starting with Taekwondo at 7 years old, he went on to dabble in boxing and kickboxing (competing in the European championships in Cheltenham, in 2004). It was a chance encounter with a local Shaolin Kung Fu class at 15 years old that opened his eyes to the classical Chinese styles, and a lifelong interest was born.

Beren traveled to China for his gap year, where he studied modern Wushu at a sports university in Beijing for a year. A performance sport, he spent 8 hours a day, 6 days a week with Chinese athletes trying to keep up.

He met Sifu Mark when he returned to the UK as a student at the Queen Mary University of London. Enrolling in the Taichi program there, he remained with Sifu Mark for as long as he could, where he was also taught Wing Chun Kung Fu and Xing Yi, as well as helped him understand Chinese philosophy and meditation.

After moving away for work, Beren studied Capoeira for 3 years and continues to look after his body. A fan of playing every sport he has access to, he regularly runs, stretches daily, and tries to maintain some kind of fitness while raising his young son.

Having taught both adults and children, he has been teaching movement and circus skills to children for the past 8 years and is fully DBS checked.

Asst. Instructor and Sales Manager

Image by Jason Dent


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