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"Men honor what lies within the sphere of their knowledge, but do not realize how dependent they are on what lies beyond it." Chuang Tze


"I have trained with Mark for a few years and it's been amazing. Mark really knows the theory behind the arts and is able to dissect and explain in depth while keeping it practical and dynamic. I've found Mark's classes well balanced and appropriate for all levels. The classes are not just focused on forms or techniques, they also incorporate practical drills, fitness and theory too. Which is what I love."

Daniyal Ahmad

Beren learning (ahem!) a neck throw...ouch

"Mark showed me the true depth of a widely misunderstood art like Taichi, and I followed him into the Wing Chun realm too – a delightful pairing of styles. His breadth of knowledge with anything I brought up about Chinese Martial Arts was incredible, and he was able to explain and demonstrate concepts to the Western mind what has often seemed to many as incomprehensibly ‘Eastern’, or other. He was immensely generous with his time and knowledge, and my training has had to continue without him as I left England some time ago. I know that as soon as I return to wherever Mark is teaching, I won’t hesitate to train with him. I am a dedicated lifelong student of Sifu Dr Mark Stevenson, my only regret was that I didn’t find him sooner!"

Beren Ashton-Butler


“Training with Mark has always been at my own pace and with my strengths and weaknesses in mind. I always leave every lesson feeling more confident in my ability and that I’ve progressed a little more. What’s more, is that I’ve been able to better my general health while learning a new art form in a practical and thoroughly informative way. Expect an extremely friendly and productive session where it’s never boring and you look forward to the next class as soon as you’ve left one. I couldn’t recommend a better teacher”

Bhavisha Patel


"Mark is an experienced martial artist with a wide range of skills, he is flexible and adapts his teaching styles to maximise his student's natural abilities. Having trained in Wing Chun with Mark for many years, his approach and ability to breakdown theories of movements, techniques and practical applications are unprecedented. I strongly recommend trying out a lesson to experience a boost in your physical and mental wellbeing whilst learning Kung Fu."

Chris Choy

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'I approached Mark to learn Taichi as I was recovering from an anke injury. Mark is a great teacher and is able to explain how the abstract movements work in real life application. Being a Judo black belt myself, I find Mark's lesson tremendously fun and surprisingly hard work!'

Nicky Lai

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"I didn’t have any previous experience of strength training, but Mark made it easy. He explained the exercises clearly and created workouts that kept me engaged and constantly improving. I would recommend Mark as a personal trainer to anyone, whether you’re experienced or a newcomer like me."

Chris Lo

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Queen Mary Kung Fu Wales Trip 2015


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