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Kung Fu Camp FAQ's

What does my child need to bring each day?

  1. Comfortable sports clothes (shorts, tracksuit bottoms and trainers and a jumper/waterproof) you are also more than welcome to buy a kids t-shirt for them to train in (in black or white £15 speak to an instructor to get one in the right size). Please make sure clothes are labelled where possible.

  2. A change of clothes (especially for the young ones as accidents do happen)

  3. Lunch (no nuts please) and two healthy snacks (kung fu camp is hearty work!)

  4. A water bottle (very important!)

  5. All equipment will be provided but if your child wants to continue to learn San Da (kickboxing, I strongly suggest buying gloves and shin guards).

  6. Enthusiasm and a will to learn new things!

What if my child has any medication?

Please complete the new student form and include all details of required medication. All medication must be handed in at registration. Please allow extra time for this when dropping off.

Medication is kept in a secure, centralised first aid box, to ensure that if a reaction, attack or incident should occur whilst on camp, the medication will be administered in good time, by a qualified first aider in the most efficient and reliable way.

Staff will not administer ‘over the counter’ medication, only that prescribed by the child’s GP.

Adrenaline auto-injector

If your child carries an adrenaline auto-injector (an EpiPen) please try to ensure that two adrenaline auto-injectors are handed in to the Lead First Aider at your camp. We request two EpiPens to ensure the safest and fastest administration of first aid treatment, should a reaction occur in our care. This is also advised by The UK’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency stating “In some cases, a single injection is not sufficient to achieve a response for a number of reasons, including severity of attack as well as the possibility that a dose has not been effectively administered; a second injection may therefore be needed.”

Auto-adrenaline Injector 1 – Held in the site’s secure centralised first aid box.

Auto-adrenaline Injector 2 – Held by your child’s Activity Instructor and moved around Camp with your child all day.

Children will not be allowed to stay on camp if the adrenaline auto-injectors handed in are out of date, or they are not appropriately labelled with the child’s name.

Asthma inhalers

Reliever inhalers travel with the child’s group, enabling instant access to this medication if required for self-administration. If my child is unable to self-administer, the inhalers will be kept in the centralised first aid box.

What are the pick up and drop off times?

The morning session starts sharp at 9am, please drop off between 8.30am - 9am. After 9am we will close the gate to the school so please call Sifu Mark (07879445515) in the event of a late drop off.

The last session winds down at 4pm. Pick up is between 4 - 4.30pm. We do not have access to the school after 4.30pm as such late pick ups will be charged at £10, please call Sifu Mark in advance if you know you are running late (07879445515).

What are the dates?

The camp runs from Monday August 8 to Friday August 12. Each day is £45 or you can book the whole week at £200 (save £25!).

Where is the venue?

St Mary's Catholic Primary School is located:

Russell Rd, London SW19 1QL

We will have the front entrance open with a small check in desk in the entrance hall during drop off time (8.30-9am). There is no parking available on site and it is up to the parents to arrange for suitable parking during drop off and pick up.

How do I pay?

Rising Phoenix Kung Fu uses the payment provider GoCardless.

Please use the following links:

Does my child need any martial arts experience?

Absolutely not, we will have two age and ability groups during the camp with sperate instruction and goals. One of those groups will be for complete beginners. The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step!

What forms do I need to fill out?

Please complete all three sections of the new student form: student details (including medical form), parent/carer details and photography/videography release form.

The new student form can be found here

How does the grading work?

If we all feel your child is ready at the end of the week they may take their first (or next) grading. There is absolutely no rush or pressure to grade. The grading will take place on the last Friday in the afternoon and you are welcome to attend to show your support. The grading costs £15. The first rank syllabus is available here . If you have any questions please speak to Sifu Mark directly.

My child really enjoyed the camp, what training do you offer in Wimbledon?

As Rising Phoenix has just flown over to Wimbledon from Sutton we are getting to ready to launch our full new children's timetable. We have an afterschool class at Dundonald and a Saturday morning class coming soon. Please get in touch with Sifu Mark directly to get your child's name down on the waiting list for these classes. Private as well as small group classes are available at our Grand Drive studio in Raynes Park, enquire for pricing.

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