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Summer Message

First of all let me say 端午安康, Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

We don't really celebrate this festival in the U.K. but it has taken off in the US, Canada and Australia. In China, it is a three day holiday and the main summer festival that coincides with the summer solstice.

Summer is associated with the Chinese element of fire! (no surprises there!). At the moment I am feeling the resonance of this fire element. After a long period of full lockdown we can finally return to training (in some capacity), in particular the kids outdoor classes can now happen with very few restrictions. I can see the fire and passion of our young phoenixes as they again get the chance to spread their wings. Like fire, passion spreads, and as the kids embrace the classes with enthusiasm I am encouraged as a teacher and the parents are supported by their child's success.

After such a long time of training by myself in lockdown and working on my tai chi long form, my training has returned to more external styles. I am happy to welcome several new private adult kung fu clients who have decided to learn San Da (Chinese Kickboxing) with me. I am in the process of putting together a young adults (11-16) kickboxing class, so stay posted for news.

A word of caution! In Chinese martial arts we always seek balance. A return to vigorous outdoor training in the sun is good on many levels, but be mindful of hydration and use sun protection. Make sure you always bring a bottle of water to class and if you need a break don't be afraid to ask for one. Passion is good, but you need to train within your own limits and not compete with others.

Enjoy the summer!

Sifu Dr Mark Stevenson

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