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Starting Xing Yi Part 5: Putting Pi Quan together, chop like you mean it!

By now you have read the articles on the hand movements of pi quan here and the basic stance of san ti here as well as the chicken step here. Now we can link all this together to create the metal element splitting fist of Xing Yi called pi quan. Its a complete functional movement pattern with a load of martial applications that builds your body up the right way as well as teaching the core movement mechanics of Xing Yi Quan. Expect a full detailed blog post on the theory and principles of this movement soon.

So lets get on with it! Here it is step by step:

Key points

0) Assume the san ti posture

1) Pull with the arms as you arrow step forward and twist the waist

2) Chicken step together and drill upwards punching in an uppercut

3) Overturn the hands and split chopping downwards ad you step forward into the san ti stance and glide forward again. Check your posture and make sure you are in a good san ti position.

4) Repeat steps 1 - 3 as many times as you please. Xing Yi martial artists generally consider rep schemes less than 100 to be a waste of time! So get cracking solider.

Making it smooth

So first of all practice slowly and make sure your movements are big and slow. But, as soon as it is not awkward you need to start trying to link up the movements and making them smooth, light and fast. Like this:

A word of warning

Power comes from speed and integration of all parts of the body, not by muscular contractions. Don't try to make it feel strong or powerful, just feel light and loose and big/full then move together as one unit and gradually speed it up. There are a lot more details here but we will add those in later on.

Well done solider! Good luck with your Kung Fu chop, soon you will be splitting logs open with your bare hands!

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