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Spring Message 2020

Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth. It might not seem this way at the moment with everything that is going on in the world. Yet life continues in its same cycles.

If you cannot get out practice with others then now is the time to invest in yourself. Loosing your freedom externally can be a great gift to find the freedom within yourself.

Here I am reminded of the words of the old master (Lao Tse):

"The wise does not travel - yet he knows everything;

He does not look - yet he can describe everything;

He seems to be non-acting - yet he achieves everything.

In his heart he finds everything that is is necessary."

(Note I will alternate his and hers in my translations of the Dao De Jing and other sources, masters can be of any gender)

I will continue my series on standing meditation during this difficult time as well as my free weekly check in calls with anyone who wants them.

Artciles on standing meditation here, here and here.

Details of how to arrange a free check in call here

Good luck with your training, stay safe and keep well.

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