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Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Welcome back to Rising Phoenix Kung Fu. We are still here, always training even under difficult conditions! In the U.K. we entered a second lockdown before Christmas and it has been very difficult for everyone in the martial arts community.

For those brave few who have been meeting with me to train in the ice and snow, one on one, socially distanced I am in your debt. I am also immensely grateful to the less cold tolerant people that have been joining me over zoom. However, with a new studio finished by lying empty and unused I have had to turn to alternative revenue sources. I have resisted Patreon for a while until I felt like I had a reasonable product or service to offer and that the digital material I was producing was of good enough quality.

The page is here and we have short video explaining the page too:

The aim is to cover the cost of the YouTube channel and allow myself and Lai (My digital media person who does the graphics and editing) to continue to produce content on a regular schedule.

Please share the page and if you feel able, contribute to keep the Phoenix flying!

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