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Happy Chinese New Year!

"恭禧发财!" (gōng xǐ fā cái) Wishing you a prosperous New Year!

As the year of the rat comes to an end, I among many other people are looking forward to the New Year, the year of the Ox.

I am doubly looking forward to the year of the Ox as I was born in 1985 so I am also an Ox. Traditionally, when it is your own zodiac year it promises a year of change and transition. Seeing as the martial arts school is in lockdown and `has been for the last few months I have taken it to mean the only way is up!

In addition I found a crisp £20 note in the snow yesterday. When I told the Chinese parts of my family they immediately proclaimed how auspicious this was! A good sign if I have ever had one.

Things we are looking forward to at Rising Phoenix:

1) A new Pateron page: here with the aim of funding our YouTube Channel and keeping up a regular release schedule.

2) A new partnership with MMARAP: (check out their page here) I am in early stage discussions in a partnership with MMARAP who are helping blind, deaf and disabled kids learn mix martial arts. I would be joining an amazing team of passionate martial artists from across many different disciplines working for great cause.

3) Delivery of an online short course with a Hong Kong School: We are in negotiations with a school in HK to deliver a short digital course on Xing Yi. I am excited and honoured to be invited to teach Gong Fu to Chinese students in Hong Kong.

4) Livestreaming and digital classes: I'm still searching for the right platform and making sure we have a good group ready to commit to a live course. If you are interested please email:

I hope that you all have a better year of the Ox, the only way is up!

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