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A move in a minute: The Kettlebell Swing

I start a new series on a move in a minute. A one minute quick read to cover a basic/fundamental move. It will go alongside a longer more in depth article for you to follow up for all the juicy details.

What is it?

Its a dynamic/ballistic deadlift projecting forward and not up using an iron ball with a handle.

Why do it?

Its one of the best core and posterior chain exercises you can do. It strengthens all the things that get weak if you spend to much time sitting. It also burns calories and builds conditioning. You get a lot of bang for your buck with this move.

How to do it?

Copy me below:

Step by step

1) Start with a kettlebell just in front of you

2) Grip it with both hands and brace your core, bend you knees a little bit but dont squat

3) Hike it behind you (careful gents), core tight

4) Explode up from the hips and stand up as though jumping (dont jump)

5) Core tight at the end, grip and tighten the lats

6) Let it come down, back straight core tight and begin again

How much?

Pick a light kbell to start (suggested ladies 8kg gents 12kg more if trained and less if inactive) and begin with 5 sets of 10 every day. Do not increase weights, reps or sets. You will progress in movement quality (This is an old school protocol called a flat progression). Once this feels super easy then you can mix it up.

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