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Fitness With a Purpose

Train in tradtional Chinese Kung Fu with Sifu Dr Mark Stevenson.

Private classes in central London (E1 Wapping, Canary Wharf) and small group classes at the Studio in Belmont Sutton (SM2 6BZ)

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Yin and Yang combine

I have been involved in martial arts since I was young training in Japanese arts as a child (Karate, Judo, Jodo and Iado). I discovered Chinese martial arts at university and never looked back. I have practised and taught Wing Chun under master Andrew Sofos. Set up and run university martial arts clubs at Imperial College and Queen Mary University. I have trained in China under the tutelage of master Li Quan learning Baji and 5 elements boxing. I have also learnt several styles of tai chi including modern and old yang style as well as sun style tai chi. I teach authentic kung fu but with detailed hands on instruction and feedback.

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Whether you’re interested in trying out a new activity for the first time or are looking to refine and deepen your knowledge, Rising Phoenix Kung Fu offers various classes for every level of experience. Join any of my courses to develop your skill-set in a professional and positive environment.

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" Lao Tse, Dao De Jing


Combat secrets of the Chinese army. Taking bookings now

£15 per session

Xing Yi Chuan is the traditional Chinese martial art of the Chinese warrior elite originating in the Song dynasty. This is not a dead art done by old men in silk pyjamas but a living military tradition in line with tactical combat arts like Krav Maga and Systema.

I trained with the Chinese military police in Chengdu under master Li Quan and with Master Paul Whitrod in East London. I am now taking block bookings for a group class here in London. Register now to express interest. Places limited, experienced martial artists welcome. Discount for police and military available.


£50 per hour, discounts available for block bookings.


Try 2 classes for £55.

I offer Personal Training Sessions year-round for clients of any age and experience level. I offer classes in Xing Yi Chuan, Yang and Sun style Tai Chi, Wing Chun, Sand Da (Chinese kick boxing) Qi Gong and meditation. I'm also a keen Western boxer training to compete in the amateurs at light heavyweight. 

I am also a trained strength and conditioning coach with St Marys University (the home of British rugby in Twickenham) with a 255kg max deadlift, 142.5kg bench, 200kg squat and 100kg press and I am a competitive strongman at 95kg and 105kg.


Train with a few friends from £20 per session.

I have a small home studio in Grand Drive, London. The space is suitable for small groups of 2-4. Classes are available in Xing Yi Chuan, Wing Chun, San Da, and Tai Chi. This is the gritty Yang studio with facilities like a wall-mounted wooden man, a three-section wall bag for conditioning, a heavy bag, and a range of traditional weapons training.

I also take strength and conditioning small group classes in the studio. With an Olympic barbell, bumper plates, strongman equipment, Olympic rings, full range of dumbbells (7 - 44kg), and kettlebells (12 -40kg). I coach strongman movements, the big four power lifts, and the clean and jerk. 

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                                “What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

                                               Vincent van Gogh

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124 Grand Drive
SW20 9DZ


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