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Spring Message 2021

"All you have to do is begin, and then you will succeed" "着手成春" (zhuó shǒu chéng chūn)

I have been getting my garden ready for planting, at first a task that seems like a lot of hard work. There are weeds everywhere, the soil needs turning, composting, the hedges need trimming, the grass is too long etc etc

But, once you start you start to notice all the little pleasant things that come out of being in nature; the blue tits and robins nesting in the hedges, the calm and pleasant joy of being somewhere free from distraction, the satisfaction of slowly sorting things out.

Soon, I realised that I could learn a little something from my small remaining patch of Spring Onions. The plants don't think about growing shoots, or worry about how much effort it will be, they just grow! Sometimes in a good spot, sometimes in a bad spot, but only humans spend a long time worrying about things before they get started.

As we slowly begin to leave lockdown in the UK, public group classes in martial arts will become possible again. If you or anyone else is interested in growing some new skills this Spring please reach out.

Use the following link:

To book a free 15 minute consultation call and we can have a chat about what classes might be best for you.

All you have to do is begin, and you will succeed!

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