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Beginners Series: Zhàn zhuāng (standing meditation) Part 5 A simple routine

Welcome back, by now you have covered the basics, some alignments, how to breathe and how to relax. Now we can put all these together to build a short standing meditation routine.

Step 0: Take a moment to prepare

Prepare a space where you won't be interrupted. Turn off any phones or other electronic devices that could disturb you. Stand up straight straight but without your knees locked out and take three deep breaths. Centre yourself on your practice .

Step 1: Stand and settle in

Assume the basic standing position as outlined in the article here. Give yourself just a few minutes here to just stand and settle in. Don't focus on anything in particular just allow yourself to be comfortable in your standing position.

Step 2: Body scan your alignments

Starting at the top of the head and working down slowly scan and adjust your alignments as discussed here. Do this nice and slowly in a relaxed manner. Again take a few minutes to do this, don't force anything and if you cant feel a particular alignment don't worry about it, just move on to the next one.

Step 3: Think “Sung” and relax

Take a minute or two to try to relax as much in the active and aligned position. For a full description of “Sung” see here. Try to relax as much as possible without moving at all from the aligned positions.

Step 4: Abdominal Breathing

Now move your hands over your lower abdomen and place one on top of the other. See the image below. Now take 10 - 50 deep abdominal breaths. The basic practice done lying is detailed here. Don't force anything with the breathing and only do as many as you are comfortable.

Step 5: Close

When you are ready, move your hands apart and raise them up slowly as you breathe in. Then bring them down slowly as you breathe out. Do this three times very slowly and then on the third time gently straighten the knees and bring your feet together. Stand with your legs together and straight but not locked for a moment and just observe the body.

There you go a short standing routine that you can practice anywhere, even say if you are stuck inside...Stay well and best of luck with your practice.

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